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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
    try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.
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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
    try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.
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    We provides always our best services for our clients and always
    try to achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.

Pre-Departure Briefing

We provide pre- departure guidance to students going abroad for studies. A booklet is given to every student which includes various aspects regarding travel and the stay during his/ her study period.

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Visa Processing

Once you have received an offer from your chosen university, you can apply for student visa from consulate. Now a days Getting visa is one of the most complex and fearsome task for the students.

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Financial Aid

For many students and parents, the cost of studying abroad is a big concern or apprehension. A scholarship or a grant from the university will reduce this burden of high expenses.

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About Us

Welcome To Xcel

We counsel students for educational opportunities available in foreign countries and assist them in meeting their career goals.

Catering to students, working professionals and companies, Xcel is a one stop shop for overseas consulting. Our services include education counseling, examination training, college application guidance, career counseling, visa processing and immigration advisement.

We, at Xcel help you to design your career pathways in foreign countries, which will be most suitable for you. We believe in transforming your eligibility and grooming you to meet the challenges of today’s competitive global village and to become one of the most successful professionals in your desired field.

Since establishment, due to our highly professional services and high visa success rate with nearly 100% Client satisfaction, Xcel has become a popular and reputed BRAND in foreign education industry of India.

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Founding your studies

Our Services

Our Services

Get comprehensive services and assistance at each step of international education lifecycle.

University Selection

University Selection

Our team members constantly gather and update information on universities and colleges to determine what is right for you. We have a complete database of all the universities and it is updated regularly.

Admission formalities

Admission Formalities

Your application speaks a lot about your educational academic profile and personality. Our educational counselors will guide you on writing an effective application, recommendation letter, resume and other essential documents.

Country Selection

Country Selection

Our experienced counselors will provide you with information on all the countries that we represent across the world to help you make the right choice.

Course Selection

Course Selection

It is difficult for a student to choose among thousands of courses, with vast options and multiple specializations. XCEL'S expertise will make it easy for you.

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

Our auxiliary services pertaining to studies abroad include travel assistance, accommodation assistance, forex, insurance cover.

Universities & Institutes

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